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Well Suited

by Sarah on January 14, 2020, no comments

dress- vintage, blazer- Everlane

Things that make me laugh:

1. My application to art school was basically a bunch of pictures of me wearing a suit (some of which live, to this day, on this blog). Actually, it was a bunch of pictures of me wearing an thrifted blazer and some itchy black pants, climbing trees, running uphill, pretending to ski, and jumping into the freezing cold Connecticut river in October.

2. I honestly haven’t liked myself in a blazer since then. 

3. Sen. Tammy Duckworth had to dress her newborn in a jacket so that the baby could go on the Senate floor.

4. This is the first time I actually wanted to wear a blazer in a very long time.

5. These tights are covered in cat hair.

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