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Winter Essentials

by Sarah on March 4, 2018, no comments

jacket- Uniqlo, jeans- Everlane, bag- thrifted, shoes- Everlane

This outfit exists right at the corner of form and function. It’s got walkable shoes, a coat with enough room for several layered sweaters, and a bag big enough to hold lunch, while still creating some resemblance of personal style. The jacket is from Uniqlo, which I picked up during the bomb cyclone because I was afraid I might lose an arm to frostbite. It’s got a removable down lining and the biggest pockets I ever did see, perfect for shlepping around all sorts of things. The shoes are completely simple, utilitarian Chelsea boots from Everlane with simple detailing. The’ve brought me through snowbanks and slush puddles aplenty without complaint.

What’s your winter uniform?

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